Ahmed Samir Deraz

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The only difference wasn’t that I was created from fire and Adam from clay.

This mud made me fear the curiosity of his mind and the strength of his contemplation.

I hated Adam who was asking about everything.

The greedy for knowledge, despite the weakness of his defeated body in front of all those present,

Of all I was the desire, the dream and the curiosity,

Until Adam came and my only rival came with him,

I would do what I did,

No matter how repeated the scene, I could not see him hear what I heard,

And know what I knew,

The children of Adam believe that Satan is sitting on a throne of stone.

With tattered clothes, though I am hundreds of years ahead of them,

But they underestimate the unknown,

I will dictate to them my sciences;

To be a weapon that quenches my thirst for their blood,

And their awaited hell…

Ahmed Samir Deraz, 33 years old.

He was born in the village of Mahalla Diyi, in Egypt.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Education, and works in the Ministry of Education in Qatar.

He loves writing and has many thoughts, and few poems.

He read many books on literature, psychology and religion.

He loves travelling.

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