Magic McFee and the Legend of the Sorcerer

Rima Bachrouch

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Things aren’t looking so good for Magic McFee at her new school. Firstly, her new English teacher, Marcus Slay, doesn’t seem to be up to any good. How can somebody hate her so much before even knowing her?

Secondly, her new friend, Katie Harrow, is in deep trouble. Magic’s fears are confirmed when one day, Katie goes missing during school, her bizarre disappearance unexplained. She soon finds out that Katie’s disappearance isn’t just an innocent day off school.

A series of other strange events take a toll on Magic as the school year turns into an almost unbearable nightmare. Her worries escalate after overhearing a terrifying exchange between Slay and her History teacher, Remy Lockwood.

With the help of her other friends, can Magic escape the horrors she’s begun to uncover, and save Katie Harrow from what she’s learned could be a terrible fate?

Rima Rabih Bachrouch is a 14-year-old British writer. At the age of 11, she began writing Magic McFee and the Legend of the Sorcerer, which is her first novel. Having grown up with a wild imagination, Bachrouch would write her own short stories from a very young age. She also has other interests, which include acting and filmmaking, wildlife, nature, and the environment and Science. She hopes to one day be able to play a bigger role in tackling the global climate change challenge.

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