A Little Of Wosdom


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Here you will find the abstract of the days you lived.. Between pain and hope... In the end, life is a school from which even the illiterate person who 
does not read or write can learn. But reason is the ruler, not passion. I hope you find what you are looking for in it. Wisdom is the lost property of 
the believer. I hope that you will also contribute, even if just a little, to changing your outlook on life. Which is beautiful in you first and last.. 
You are the one who plants And you are the one who reaps, even after a while... Keep working.. Of course, you won't work until you learn. Knowledge and 
work elevate their possessor until they follow him with the righteous among His servants. God Almighty says a story about Abraham, peace be upon him: 
(My Lord, grant me judgment and join me with the righteous)

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