The Best Books to Read for Ramadan 2023

With Ramadan 2023 around the corner, Muslims worldwide look forward to a month of reflection and retrospection. The month provides the Muslim Ummah a time to press the re-start button and connect with the Almighty in ways they may not be conscious of during the rest of the year.

This Ramadan, why not take some extra time to read Islamic Holy Books that will bring you solitude and peace? This guide not only lists some good reads but also provides five ways you can build that strong connection with your Maker while bringing inner peace and tranquillity to your lives.


Ramadan 2023 –  A Great Time to read Islamic Holy Books

The holy month of Ramadan 2023 is upon us and provides us with an opportunity to become closer to Allah and reflect on how we interact with others. With so many activities that include opening and breaking your fast, it is sometimes very easy to forget what we should focus on during this holy month. This month allows us to bring the essential things in life to the forefront and change our priorities in life.

For those that want to make a conscious effort to connect with themselves and the Almighty, the following are five tips you can quickly implement to bring solitude into your life this Ramadan 2023.

Ways to bring Solitude to your Routine this Ramadan 2023

Five simple ways to bring solitude and peace into your life:

1.     Learn New Dua’s

Learning new Dua’s is sometimes time-consuming and not something you can easily do during the rest of the year. But Ramadan is the time to slow things down, and having a list of essential prayers that you can learn will make it easy to memorize new ones. Making dua is also a great way to ask Allah to help you keep this connection strong long after Ramadan.

2.     Reflect on Your Day

Reflecting on your day is a meaningful way to bring things into perspective. It will also help you realize what you are giving the most importance to and whether worshipping and remembering Allah is part of your day. The best time to do this is right before you go to bed, and keeping a diary is a great way to remember to do it and keep a record. Soon you will be able to see how your day is spent and if you are happy with the activities you participated in. Did they give you peace and solitude? If not, make changes to do that.

3.     Commit to Making Worship a Habit

If you make a verbal or written commitment to maintain a routine where worship is included, you are more likely to follow through on it. This is a great way to start if you are trying to make this a new habit. On average, it takes about three weeks for new habits to stick. During this time, you may forget some prayers or not find the time to open up the Quran every day, but with time a habit can be formed where you feel the need to do it.

4.     Involve your Peers

Telling your friends and family about your new goals and commitment to worship during Ramadan 2023 is a great way to make yourself accountable. Your relationship with Allah is sacred between you and Him and does not involve anyone else. But knowing that others are aware of your journey may help to make it easier for you and remind you that you are on a mission to build a strong relationship with the Almighty.

5.     Don’t Worry about Falling

Falling is part of the journey and not something you should fear. If you miss a prayer or face a few hiccups, do not fear. You will get back up and re-establish that connection with your Maker eventually. Please do not give up; it is essential to keep the faith in order to build your faith.


Celebrate Ramadan 2023 with these Quran Reads

These books to read are a great addition to your Ramadan 2023 reading list. If you are interested in getting a handful of books to read, now is a great time to purchase. Having peaceful and insightful literature to read during this Holy Month is a great way to bring inner solitude.

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