Autobiographies: A Collection of Our Authors’ Inspiring Life Experiences


Everyone has a story that needs to be heard. An Autobiography is a compilation of an individual’s life stories which he or she shares with readers. Through an autobiography, you can share your experiences, stories and events with the world.

There are different forms of autobiographies. A full autobiography lets you share your entire life whereas a memoir discusses a specific part or event of your life. Confessional autobiographies let people confess what they otherwise cannot while spiritual events and experiences are shared in a spiritual autobiography.

We are sharing our top inspiring autobiography books written by our authors. Give them a read to get inspired and start writing a story of your own today.

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Amina Defies Difficulties

Book: Amina Defies Difficulties
Author: Amna Faisal Husain Alshamsi

A real-life story that teaches you to not let any disability bring you down. Rather focus on strengthening the remaining senses. Whoever tries succeeds and whoever plants, enjoys the fruit.


Listen to Me

Book: Listen to Me
Author: Jawaher Mohammed Alnoami

Listen to Me is the story of Jawaher Mohammed’s life, with a message of never giving up. The writer asks a question that, is there anyone who can hear the river of tears inside someone? The answer he gets is no. Instead, he gets a feeling from within to get up and hold on to the floor that brought him down. Learn from your failures and turn them to success. An inspiring story to increase your enthusiasm and stability.

My Mister

Book: My Mister
Author: Nayla

A book based on stories regarding many misconceptions and ideas that surround us in our society. Marital infidelity can be from either partner. Some accept it, while others don’t tolerate and reject it. The responsibility of raising the next generation is thrown entirely on mothers when it is equally a fathers’ responsibility as well. In the end, the writer included a few poems by different poets for all the wonderful women out there.


To My Father in Paradise

Book: To My Father in Paradise
Author: Wadha Al-Marzooqi

To My Father in Paradise is an evocative recollection of an ailing father on his death bed. The author rues the worldly system that turns a person back to adolescence with age. She scornfully wishes to end the world that brought this misery on her beloved father. The story is reflective of the love that a daughter has for her father and how difficult it is to separate from your loved ones.

Nothing and Everything All at Once

Book: Nothing and Everything All at Once
Author: Sabrina Marie

This book is the story of the author as she embarks on the journey to recovery after being sexually assaulted. It reflects her choices to help her move on. The story is written in the present with flashbacks. Walk along with Sabrina Marie as she explains the nightmares and hidden pains after these events.

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We hope that the shared stories of these authors will encourage and motivate you to start writing your autobiography.

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