Top 3 Romance Books to Read Next!


Romance novels tend to get the wrong end of the stick in the book world and suffer lewd jokes and judgments from both non-readers and readers, when most likely they’ve never picked up a romance novel to give them a try!

With all the taboo and misjudgment of romance’s, they aren’t always subject to storyline of protagonists and hero’s falling in love with women opposing their usual type, instead, romance novels are written rather cleverly and have continued to be written this way over generations.

The romance community and authors alike have additionally played an important part in encouraging self-wellness through novels. Romance novels particularly encourage themes of support, love and understanding through the roles of their characters and continue to promote themes of:

• Hope
• Escape
• Support
• Friendship
• Empowerment
• Representation
• Knowledge
• Inspiration

We absolutely love throwing a romance novel into the reading mix here at Austin Macauley, and thought we’d share with you 3 intricately written yet different romantic novels!

1. From The Heights Of Heaven To The Depths Of Despair by Grace Lagos
A love story that’s seen many slip ups, as the parents of Kacey (especially her mother) do not approve of her marriage to Irish boyfriend, Jack.

Breaking all the barriers, both leave their families behind and start a new life, but not all love stories have a fairytale ending.

Jack has a heart-attack that turns their world upside down. Kacey wants to stay with her husband, but her children also need her. She has a decision whether to make and decide if she should sacrifice her love to care for their children.

Read more about Kacey and Jacks relationship in this heart-breaking and emotional romantic read.

2. In Love with Dracula by Nadine Jameel Omar
A strange tale where two people find love through fate. Their present situation is leading them back to the past where secrets are buried, and old doors have closed. But what secrets are being kept?

Find out more about this mysterious love story on our website.

3. I Believed You by Laila Bashar Al-Kloub
Choosing your faith or your loved one. With no intentions of falling, two young souls find true love in each other. Both coming from two different faiths, they are indecisive of their future together. What will it hold? Find it out more in this intensive novel!

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