Our Top Boredom Busters for Kids During Social Distancing


In the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped the entire world and made us bound to practice social distancing. It has also restricted kids from their routine outdoor activities. At the same time, social distancing has given an opportunity to parents and children to come closer and spend quality time together. This is an ideal time for parents to instil some good habits in their kids for which they did not get much time previously. One of these habits is book reading.

Parents must develop the habit of book reading among children at a young age as it improves creativity and knowledge, brings new ideas to young minds and also enhances vocabulary and language skills. Books are also a great way to keep children busy, especially during a time when going out is not a viable option. Considering all this, an issue which may be faced by some parents is making the right choice of books for their younger ones.

To recreate the magic of storytime with kids at home and make it easier for all parents to select the right book for their kids, we have selected our top children books for you.

Here are these five fantastic reads for all the little bibliophiles out there:

Munir the Millionaire

Book: Munir the Millionaire 
Author: Zainab Ali Albahrani 

This interesting children story revolves around ‘Munir’ who is an intelligent and observant kid. His keen observance makes his mind wonder about different ideas of earning money. What will he do to fulfil his lifelong goal?




Blossoming Kindness

Book: Blossoming Kindness 
Author: Yasmine Hammad 

Grandpa ‘Hadid’ will take you through his one-week venture with his four grandkids and develop in them the real meaning of kindness, tolerance and compassion. In this beautifully written story, Yasmine Hammad teaches us how we can blossom into a kinder and conscious version of ourselves.





Book: Diversity 
Author:  Maryam Saqer Al Qassimi 

The author, Mariam is the winner of Sharjah’s Children Book Award in 2018. She highlights and celebrates the value of diversity in this book. Diversity focuses on the importance of cooperation, tolerance and teamwork. This story is a narration that will captivate young minds with attractive and inspiring illustrations.




The Strange Ring

Book: The Strange Ring 
Author: Ahlam Yahya Jhaaf 

The Strange Ring is an engaging story inspired from a folktale about a strange magical ring called The Great Name’s Ring. Three friends choose to experience an undertaking in the wake of finding the ring in an old box. They decide to go across the Arab countries. The mystery remains as what all these countries have to offer them.




At Grandmother Hissa’s House

Book: At Grandmother Hissa’s House 
Author: Abdulrahman Mohammed Almahimeed 

First of his books in kid’s genre, At Grandmother Hissa’s House is a melodious metaphorical venture for your kids to dream with their eyes open. It is a beautifully written story book for kids by the Saudi author.




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