Steps To Become An Author in the UAE


Writing a well-scripted manuscript is one thing, but getting your completed book out in the market is a complex, yet systemized procedure that can be broken down into a number of different steps. Once you have finalized the genre that suits your style best, it is time to pen down the writing. The process of becoming an author initiates with scribbling off your story on the paper as an initial draft.

To get your book published, there are a handful of ways to execute and satisfy your publishing conduct. If you are uncertain about the right mode for your meticulous title, then this process can become more and more complicated. Austin Macauley Publishers help you choose the most clear-cut path for the purpose of publishing your book, to assist you in the process.

Among all the countless ways to get your manuscript book bound, the central routes Austin Macauley offers fit into one of the following classifications:

  • Traditional Publishing

  • Hybrid Publishing

Traditional publishing was the only method writers were familiar with, before the emergence of hybrid publishing, which occupies a common ground between traditional and self-publishing methods. The ancient traditional publishing model requires you to commission an agent to pitch your book to the publishers, without the guarantee that it will be heard any time soon, which happens quite often. Whereas hybrid publishing is a catch-all umbrella term used to refer to the middle ground of the publishing world, often described by terms such as author-assisted publishing, independent publishing, partnership publishing, co-publishing, and entrepreneurial publishing.

Hybrid publishers offer value to the writers about something that they might not have at the time, desire, or expertise to perform themselves. They are, however, discerning and own editorial standards about what to publish.

So with that perfect book in mind, we’ve culled a list of tips to help ensure that your next book reaches more than the members of your creative writing group. Follow these steps, and you could be among the next hit titles!

Become a Better Reader

It has been a universal rule of becoming an author; all the praised authors are undoubtedly voracious readers. In order to expose your mind to high-quality writing, you need to read and read a lot more. You will develop the fine elements of the context in your work without realizing it and your writing will improve in no time. So to begin the journey of your book, read more and write more; every day.

Spot Your Genre

The agents, bookshops, and the publishers are keen and particular about the genre of your book. Your book may fall into a single dominant or a combination of varied genres. In order to attract the right audience for your book, you need to classify your book with caution as it serves as an extremely helpful sales tool.

You can aid yourself in pitching your book by comparing your book to a similar one already breathing in the market. This works alike in choosing the right hook to hang your book on. Your book will be relatable and be classified in a better way. The readers who have enjoyed the similar previous read will definitely pursue your book. Being a writer you will have your own ‘authorial voice’ but this practice helps to classify your book better.

Showcase Your Writing

A good practice is to first publish you, before publishing the book. Building and developing your social and online platform is an extremely important step. Whether you have penned down your manuscript or have just begun scribbling, start building your platform now. This will help you in receiving the feedback early and give ample chance to improve where your story lacks.

You can choose the following ways to raise your public presence:

  • Start A Blog
  • Write On Online Platforms
  • Write Online Short Stories

Find a literary agent/ publisher

The traditional publishing method demands literary agents to process the underlying manuscripts. Contrary to that, hybrid publishing can work just as well, without the need for an agent. Agents usually submit and process your work on your behalf to different publishers. Hiring an agent comes with its own benefits, but why amplify the already long process when you have the option to process your manuscript directly at Austin Macauley through hybrid publishing.

Prepare your materials

You need to prepare your supporting materials beforehand at the beginning of the process. This will include the sample chapters of your book, and the synopsis. This can collectively be named as your book proposal. To get published, they can become essential pieces of documentation.

Austin Macauley offers an exceptionally convenient method to allow you to submit your manuscripts. To let your potential demonstrate by your writing, Austin Macauley Publishers will seek the following requirements to initiate the process of your book publishing.

The required materials include:

  • Synopsis
  • Cover Letter
  • Manuscript

Submit to Austin Macauley

Austin Macauley is successfully winning hearts and giving a voice to new authors throughout the world. If you are dreaming to become an author in the UAE, then reach out to us today!

You can choose to submit your work to us through email, post or through our website. Begin with filling out the online form on the page, your work will then be transferred to our editorial department for further processing. If your work is approved by us, you will officially be on board to embark your journey as a soon-to-be-successful author in the literary world.

Final Words

The journey to becoming an author is indeed a long process and requires a lot of patience. With the growing sway of becoming an author in UAE, Austin Macauley has proven to pay its part in extending measures to facilitate every new emerging writer.

Coming with all its hardships and rejections, becoming an author is an exciting journey in itself. Similar to many other industries in UAE, this industry is evolving with time and has embraced new and emerging publishing methods as well, including the ever-growing hybrid method with the help of publishing houses like us.

As a writer, you need to arm yourself with exposure and knowledge by reading a lot, you may find attending extensive courses and events can help! Get social and enjoy interactions with authors, agents, and publishers.

All the hard work eventually pays off and when it does, you will certainly enjoy the moment when you hold your first ever book in your hands. After that, the pressure gets shifted to the publisher for marketing, which we abide whole-heartedly!

If you have an amazingly written manuscript waiting to be heard, then connect with Austin Macauley to their vast milieu of fiction and non-fiction books. Authors who are willing may drop their manuscripts with us, as we are accepting them worldwide.

10 Reasons Why Should You Visit Sharjah International Book Fair 2018



One of the must-do things before the year 2018 ends is, visiting the Sharjah International Book Fair 2018 which begins on 31st of October, 2018 to end on 10th of November,2018 at the Expo Centre Sharjah. This year’s book exhibition beholds heaps of wonderful surprises with learning-oriented activities for the kids and adults.


The 37th edition of Sharjah International Book Fair is back with a bang, promises to provide the visitors with some once in a lifetime experiences. The fair was established in 1982, under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, in order to instill the love of literature and reading among the people of the region.





“Those of us who enjoy reading in the emirate of Sharjah are very keen to create a reading community and promote the benefits of reading among children. For that reason, we provide the best, most suitable books for all the family. We believe that books must be available to all and from this concept, we turn book fairs into an oasis of knowledge and enlightenment.”


Ahmed Al Ameri, chairman of SBA, said: “The fair is much more than an annual 11-day fair. It is now an essential component of the world’s collective sociocultural memory. The SIBF is a unique experience for everyone who visits or is part of the fair – there are those who buy their first book; some others visit to enhance cultural relations; some come searching for the author who changed their life.”

Austin Macauley Publishers would be visiting the Sharjah International Book Fair for the 2nd year on the trot after having a successful excursion of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (18-April-2018 to 28-April-2018) and Abu Dhabi International Book Fair (25-April-2018 to 1-May-2018) in UAE. If you are planning to visit Austin Macauley Publishers then do remember the following:

(Hall Number 7, Stand Number ZB10)


Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

Offering numerous entertaining and literary activities this year, some of which are:

• Cultural Activities
• Children’s Activities
• Cookery Corner
• Social Media Station
• Book Signing Corner

Austin Macauley Publishers will join the ride for Sharjah International Book Fair from 31st of Oct – 10th of Nov 2018 at Expo Centre Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Based in London and founded in 2006, Austin Macauley™ is a forward-thinking independent publisher working hard to give authors the best chance of success in an increasingly crowded market.

Sharjah International Book Fair is a great opportunity, to keep yourself updated with the latest international books which have been written by the creative authors and seize the opportunity to keep up with the latest evaluation in the publishing industry. Forecasts say that this year’s Sharjah International Book Fair will have more than 1000 publishers from all around the world on-board.

According to the Sharjah Book Authority (SBA), the book exhibition would have the leading Arab and international writers, artists, intellectuals, cultural personalities, chefs and performers. Featured programs will include discussions, debates, literary seminars, poetry readings, workshops for children and adults, cultural shows and edutainment exercises in the Sharjah International Book Fair 2018.

Running annually since its inception, SIBF attracts millions of visitors from all around the world, hosts some of the biggest names in the publishing & cultural sphere and organises hundreds of events over its 11-day duration.


10 reasons why you should visit Sharjah International Book Fair 2018


1. A Chance to be a part of one of the top three book fairs in the whole world

2. To be able to meet the top publishers across the globe

3. To get yourself involved in several growth and learning-oriented activities

4. To win special gifts from Austin Macauley at Sharjah International Book Fair 2018

5. To meet celebrities and highly successful individuals

6. An opportunity for parents to develop the interest of reading in their children

7. To create some wonderful memories by having spent quality time at SIBF18

8. To experience some wonderful collection of books and literary materials

9. To visit some aesthetically pleasing and astonishing places of Sharjah

10. To showcase your talent by submitting your manuscript to Austin Macauley Publishers.



A talented kid having a great time with Austin Macauley at SCRF18.


Austin Macauley is there for you at Hall #7, Stand #ZB10! You are more than welcome to visit us at Sharjah International Book Fair 2018 to participate in our literary activities with a chance to own the best-selling books which have been a glorious success in Europe and America. After the success of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival and Abu Dhabi International Book Fair 2018, Austin Macauley promises a great time in the Sharjah International Book Fair yet again.

For more details about Austin Macauley Publishers and latest news about participating in Sharjah International Book Fair, please visit our official Facebook page.

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Sharjah Publishing City and Its Role to Facilitate the Book Publishing Companies


Sharjah Publishing City opened its doors last year in October. The publishing city is the first free zone of its type. The facility provides a tax-free setting for publishing houses, publishing companies, printers, distributors and other associated businesses. It is a tax free provision for the companies associated to book publishing business to operate as completely independent businesses without the liability of taxes.

The publishing city in Sharjah covers an area of 19,000 sq. meters, providing warehouses and office places to publishing companies from all around the world.

Sharjah Publishing City is playing an important role in bolstering the publishing industry as a whole. You can now publish a book with leading book publishers from UK and US while living in the middle east. The leading book publisher of UK and US which is ranked as the fastest growing publisher in US, Austin Macauley Publishers is one of the initial companies to establish their office in the SPC. The publishing city is now the most preferred destination of businesses related to book publishing and serves as a pivot point for them.

How is Sharjah Publishing City Facilitating Publishing Companies?


  • The facility can accommodate 550 companies in every manner. The Publishing companies are provided with furnished offices, conference rooms, store facilities and a huge data centre. The spaces are equipped with latest technology that business owners need to be successful.
  • Entrepreneurs who plan to set up their offices in Sharjah Publishing City can get their space at a cost as low as AED 1350 and this includes the utility bills as well. The amenities being provided to the companies include: office spaces, car parking, clean areas and pre-built warehouses.
  • The authorities have minimized the legal requirements to set up a business there and the companies are being given a leasing contract of 25 years that can be renewed.
  • The provision of acquiring business licence is 24 hours open and the companies can employee all employees of their own choice.
  • SPC offers large scale printing presses and low printing costs for publishing houses around the clock. The publishing companies are able to avail airfreight and shipping services to transport their production on competitive prices. The companies can easily distribute books around UAE while obtaining permits within a short span of time.
  • Stationed in the publishing hub, the publishing companies have a strategic access to the markets in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.
  • The location of the publishing city makes it an ideal place for import and export. The cost of accommodation for the workers in the city is very low and there is provision of all facilities for the employees.
  • The international companies making their offices in SPC will be able to access different educational institutes in university cities of UAE which can help them capitalize by working on academic books on a large scale.
  • The publishing city is now house to Sharjah Book Authority, Emirates Publishers Association, Emirates Writers Union, Arab Writers Union, Children’s Book Association and the Emirates Library Association and Information. This makes it easy for the international book publishing companies to connect with the authorities at hand.
  • The publishing companies are not liable to pay any taxes to the state and can send all their income back home. Local sponsorship for the staff and e-visa services are being provided for the smooth functioning of these international companies.


The initiative of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah has opened up an array of prospects for publishing companies in the region. The Sharjah Publishing City is fulfilling the needs of business related to publishing completely.

The initiative will motivate an environment of cultural and scientific research and importance of reading, making the city as the publishing powerhouse of the region. If you think that you are a good writer and intend to publish a book of your own, big publishers like Austin Macauley are some kilometres away. Austin Macauley Online Publishers accepts manuscripts online, so send us your work today and become a renowned published author. You can see some of the books that we have published in UAE on our website.



How to write a book in 90 days?


If you practice something for 21 days it will become a habit. And if your writing skills become a habit you will write with passion and power. To produce the best results, you need to transfer your emotions and thoughts into a written work which your audience is attracted to and get encouraged to read it till the last line.

The steps required to be followed in order to write a book in 90 days:

1. Full commitment to finish the book:

As George R.R. Martin said “Ideas are useless, execution is everything”, so you have to be committed to your ideas into a book.

2. Plan specifically:

– Plan for the time that you assign to write daily with no excuses and how many pages for your book.

– Define the word count.

– Determine the Genre.

– Make the writing smooth.

– You can get more details from the similar books.

– If you will write a story or a novel focus on compelling and plotting.

– Choose your characters, data, and information.
3. Write your drafts on a daily basis with sheer consistency

4. Gather a team

You need a team to work with you on design, illustration, proofreading and second writer that will help you if you got stuck.

5. Publishing and marketing process

After finishing the proofreading and finalizing the book and getting the feedback from your trusted first readers, you should think of choosing the best publishing model and a house. By this way you can write book in 90 days.


The Fastest Growing Publishers:

Austin Macaulay Publishers offers a helping hand; our publications range from historical romances to celebrity autobiographies; from illustrated children’s tales to in-depth technical manuals; from hard-hitting thrillers to meditative poetry. We pride ourselves on our hybrid publishing model, a progressively more popular means by which both new and previously published authors can establish themselves in the increasingly competitive world of books.

Writing a book is a creative project which you have to finish it phase by phase and the most important phase is that that how your book is going to attract the readers, and finish it in a specific time period.

You may feel lost and unprepared in the midst of your first book. But after you make a commitment with yourself. your dream come true and finish the book in a time less than 90 days. There are many success stories in which authors finished their books in 90 days and gone on to hit new heights of success. So, are you willing to take on the challenge to write book in 90 days?

In case of queries, visit: