How to write a book in 90 days?


If you practice something for 21 days it will become a habit. And if your writing skills become a habit you will write with passion and power. To produce the best results, you need to transfer your emotions and thoughts into a written work which your audience is attracted to and get encouraged to read it till the last line.

The steps required to be followed in order to write a book in 90 days:

1. Full commitment to finish the book:

As George R.R. Martin said “Ideas are useless, execution is everything”, so you have to be committed to your ideas into a book.

2. Plan specifically:

– Plan for the time that you assign to write daily with no excuses and how many pages for your book.

– Define the word count.

– Determine the Genre.

– Make the writing smooth.

– You can get more details from the similar books.

– If you will write a story or a novel focus on compelling and plotting.

– Choose your characters, data, and information.
3. Write your drafts on a daily basis with sheer consistency

4. Gather a team

You need a team to work with you on design, illustration, proofreading and second writer that will help you if you got stuck.

5. Publishing and marketing process

After finishing the proofreading and finalizing the book and getting the feedback from your trusted first readers, you should think of choosing the best publishing model and a house. By this way you can write book in 90 days.


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Writing a book is a creative project which you have to finish it phase by phase and the most important phase is that that how your book is going to attract the readers, and finish it in a specific time period.

You may feel lost and unprepared in the midst of your first book. But after you make a commitment with yourself. your dream come true and finish the book in a time less than 90 days. There are many success stories in which authors finished their books in 90 days and gone on to hit new heights of success. So, are you willing to take on the challenge to write book in 90 days?

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