How to Get Past the January Blues with Amazing Adventure Reads

Once the New Year’s celebrations settle, you may not know what to do with yourself. With the excitement surrounding the holidays begins winding down and everyone getting ready to tackle 2023 head-on, you may need some encouragement to join them.

Adventure reads are a great way to motivate yourself to check all those boxes and ensure to prevent procrastination. A new book list for a new year, sounds like a great way to start to us!

Adventure genre books are fun to read page-turners that you just cannot put down. If you mainly read romance or non-fiction, changing your genre may kick-start a dying reading habit.

With so many gadgets, and electronic devices competing for our attention, reading may not be high on your list of things to do to relax. But reading has been scientifically proven to help you control stress and reduce anxiety; it also helps you to create consistency in your life.

Why Adventure Genre Books Should Be On the Top of Your List

Adventure reads are a great way to start the New Year and something you should add to your current reading list. Adventure books are written to capture the reader’s attention and create suspense. If you are tired of your ordinary genres and want something that will take you on a journey of imagination, try Adventure books.

Let’s look at some reasons why you should give them a try:

1. Exploring New Worlds

Adventure reads will open your imagination to a whole new world. Some adventure novels are set in fantasy worlds, while others are set in real-time on planet earth. Either way, once you start reading them, you are taken to a completely new dimension and given a break from the stresses of life. Adventure novels introduce you to characters, beings, and planets that you have never seen before.

2. Experience Traveling without Leaving Your Home

If you want to travel but cannot invest or have the time, why not pick up an adventure book? The great thing about adventure reads is that they can transport you to a far-off place and allow to experience the life that the book characters are going through. A great adventure novel will capture the reader’s attention and allow them to be a part of the story. It can introduce you to new countries, cities, and landscapes.

3. Makes Your Life Look Conquerable

Adventure genre books often introduce difficult situations that will make your life problems seem like a breeze. Sometimes life is muddled with work conflicts, family arguments, or the ordinary daily chores taxing our souls and mental well-being. An adventure book can make our problems resolvable.

4. Motivate You to Try New Things

Picking up a good book about a thrilling mountain adventure or a riveting tale of a river rafting exploit may motivate you to be an adrenaline seeker and try hiking or rafting, an adventure book set in Italy or Spain may intrigue you to add the country to your list of countries to visit. They don’t just have to open the door to imagination, it also opens it to trying new things.

5. Keeps Your Mind Active

It has been scientifically proven that reading helps to ward off Dementia and Alzheimer’s but did you know that the fast pace of adventure novels keeps your mind stimulated? Following the twists and turns in the plot can keep your mind stimulated and active. If the adventure novel you are reading keeps you guessing what will happen next and throws thrilling episodes or cliffhanging moments, your interest will remain focused and your mind sharp.

Adventure Reads You Can Check Out this January

Let us look at some great adventure reads you can purchase right away to start the year right. You can buy them online from Austin Macauley Publishers today and start your new adventure. We have chosen five adventure genre books that will appeal to you and your children and family.

Read Away Your Blues this January

Start your New Year with these recommended adventure novels and chase away any post-New Year blues you are experiencing. These adventure reads are the perfect way to jump-start 2023 and become motivated to take on anything that comes your way.

Here is hoping you have a great 2023 and that this year is one full of adventure.

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