Sharpen Your Literary Acumen Through 5 of Our Most Popular Poetry Titles


What is Poetry? It is a form of prose in literature which is written in a rhyming pattern having a rhyme and a rhythm. It can be as creative as your imagination. Many famous poets have written masterpieces in the past like the Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare or The Garden of Eros by Oscar Wilde.

Poetry is a type of literature that includes artistic writing with a flair for creativity which attempts to stir the reader’s imagination or emotions.

Here at Austin Macauley Publishers, we have some of the most versatile published poets, many of whom are based in UAE. Below are five of our top picks from our authors and their poetic masterpieces:

  1. Ethar’s Poetry by Ethar Alyamama

This book includes a description about the most beautiful of things that have been used to describe women along with words described by their lovers. It also includes a deep depiction of the feelings and emotions of a woman like her tenderness, strength, anger and revolution, her ability to diagnose disease and alleviate the pain, her maternal instincts, simplicity and selflessness and her special features, flaws and vision in her life.

The book also highlights internationally known idols and gives facts about their biographies, like the late Princess Diana and her humanitarian efforts.

Ethar Alyamama is an Egyptian poet. She obtained a diploma in Curriculum Development and took courses in HR management. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Cairo University, Egypt.

Her interest amplified in reading poetry, rhetoric, history, and rearticulating real stories and legends in a poetic style which encourages reading in different cultures. She believes in the need to ‘widen the horizon’—to be open to the culture and history of other people. She adores nature and everything associated with it and deeply describes human emotions by portraying them in her poetry.

  1. Momentums by Majd Radwan

This is a mesmerizing book by one of our prolific poets. Here is an excerpt from the book:

Look what happens

When we don’t listen

To the divine music.

We lace our songs

With hurtful melodies.

Majd Radwan is a certified life coach and a copywriter by profession. Born in Syria, she is proud of her empathic nature. She holds a bachelor’s degree in French Literature and a certification in journalism. She has also worked as a contributing author. She has been published in various publications such as Yogalife MagazineRebellle Society and Dubai Poets.

  1. Fly by Sithara Palavar

Here is a beautiful stanza from one of the poems in the book:

Stories of the seasons

And the emotions we hide

Under the stormy skies

And write into the

Setting suns in summer

This is where my heart lays

And converses with yours

Into the sleepless nights

Poems for the faded, the broken-hearted, the healing and the happy. You’ll all find your voice here.

Sithara Palavar has been writing since she was just a teenager at the tender age of 14. She got introduced to the world of poetry at age 15 and fell in love with it. She has since been writing beautiful poems and sonnets. Finding beauty in little things and drawing inspiration from renowned people, she pours her heart out in her writings which reflects her feelings and emotions. At such a young age, she has the wisdom and the soul of a mature person.

  1. Twenty Old Summers by Anya Mérimèche

Enjoy this small excerpt from this young poet’s book:

Inside this collection lay the tribulations of a soon-to-be twenty-year-old, on her

Utopian quest to fight off ticking clocks and clicking locks.

Twenty slam poems and ten essays of emotional highs and lows.

Anya is a 21-year-old law student. She published her first book in 2012 when she was 15. This makes her the youngest Algerian writer in the UAE!

  1. On Loss by Razan H. Abdul Majeed 

Immaculate collection of poetry expresses raw sentiments that invoke emotion in the reader’s heart and soul. On Loss: A Daughter’s Journey Through Grief is a tribute to everyone who has known or experienced the tragedy and loss of a loved one.

Have life is to know death,

Have love is to know grief,

Have time is to know it is brief.

H. Abdul Majeed

Hamdi Abdul-Rahman Abdul Majeed is a UAE national who was born in Jordan. She grew up in Dubai and earned her education from London in the UK. She has lived a life, most people dream of. After working for 15 years in the corporate sector in Dubai, she took time off to travel the world. She has since travelled to much of Europe and Latin American countries. She spent some time in Brazil doing volunteer work geared towards sustainability and nature preservation initiatives related to the environment and involving local communities. She returned to Dubai in 2018 and established herself as a published poet through us.

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