A reading guide to exploring a new genre of books

Like many readers, you have a few favourite authors and a list of their best books to read in a specific genre. Sometimes exploring books outside your comfort zone is a great way to read literature you are unfamiliar with.

Adding different kinds of books to your reading list will not only increase your vocabulary and expose you to other types of literary expressions, but it will also improve your reading strategies and writing skills. The best books to read from a different genre will also help you learn about different perspectives and foster a new understanding of different topics, cultures and places..

You can also get inspired if you are a writer yourself. Reading an entirely different genre may give you perspective on the genre you are writing in and possibly also original ideas you can include in your work.

Why You Should Explore Different Genres

Reading books from a different genre may introduce you to another genre you didn’t even know you would love. Paying attention to the best books to read from different genres can also expose you to new people and online social platforms that you didn’t know about and that you can become a part of

Knowing different book genres is a great way to learn about a new author and their style and way of writing. You may learn to become a fan of an unknown author you never even knew existed.

Speed reading and reading strategies are very much in vogue today, but without something fresh and exciting to read, it isn’t easy to even feel like reading a book. Trying something new that is entirely different from what you usually read is a great way to create new interest in reading books and learning about authors.


5 Tips Reading Guide Tips to Starting a New Genre

1.     Read the Most Popular Books in the Genre

A sure way to develop an interest in a different genre is to start with the best books to read from that particular genre. If you pick something widely popular, it will not only be a pure enjoyment to read; you will also be able to find information on the book and author online. You also will be able to share notes with other book fans, which is a great reading habit.

2.     Share with a Friend

If you have a friend who is a fan of a particular genre, why not start reading a book with them? You can share reading lists and choose a book you can read together. You can compare notes, and if your friend is a longtime follower of that genre, they can help to explain the nuances of the book and text that you may need to pick up on.

3.     Explore Blogs and Online Platforms Dedicated to the Genre

To learn more about a new genre, check out reading guides and blogs online that can inform you about different kinds of books and authors that are popular in that specific genre. These online platforms also discuss books and their plots, characters etc., which can be insightful and exciting for new readers.

4.     Watch a Film based on the genre

Watching a film based on a new genre is an excellent way of exploring different kinds of books. You can watch the movie first, but, as they say, the book is always better. The film can motivate you to read the book and attend bookish events for the genre.

5.     Read Multiple Genres at Once

You can start to read multiple genres at once, which will help you decide what appeals to you. This is an easy way to introduce a new genre while reading an old favourite. When starting to do this, make sure you have a reading list ready because you may start to love a new genre and should have plenty of books ready to read when you finish your first one!

Start Exploring New Genres

Now that you have many reasons to read a new genre and a list of 5 easy tips, what are you waiting for? Go online and purchase a book from a different category you have never read!

You will feel excited and exhilarated knowing that you are trying something from the unknown that you have never read before.

Happy Reading!

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