Our Best-Selling Books That Should Accompany You This Autumn


Different readers have different tastes. Some have found a comfortable home in reading romance; others consider poetry their abode for a retreat. Some find solace in reading thrillers; others search for meaning in crime fiction. Some are more inward and go after what induces nostalgia—historical fiction; others are more into the futuristic reads such as Sci-Fi. Some read self-help books for their development and growth; others are biography enthusiasts who are interested in learning more about people.

If you fall in any of the above groups, hang in there, keep on reading. Below, we list six of our best-selling books of various genres for you to read this month. You can choose the genres you are passionate about, or you can try something different—and we suggest you try something new.

Here we go.



Come On, Let’s Run Away

Book: Come On, Let’s Run Away
Author: Ali Nasser (Bu Mayed)

Do you ever wonder what were the old days like—the homes, schools, values and traditions, relationships, people and their aspirations? If your answer is yes then we have a treasure for you. Ali Nasser brings “a story from the memories of people who lived during those days, so that who didn’t live in that time can live it with us…and it remains a memory for every generation.” Let’s dwell in the past, for a brief moment, with this nostalgia-inducing book and relive a part of the life that no longer exists. Grab your copy at 30% off and reminisce the ‘good old days’ with Come On, Let’s Run Away.



Khalid’s Promise

Book: Khalid’s Promise
Author: Amna Ibrahim AL-Badwawi

If you need a strong stimulus to continue despite the challenges, Khalid’s Promise is written for you. It details the life of Amal, an Emirati girl living in a conservative household, from her childhood to her marriage. Her life is not as she always fantasised but altogether different, with difficulties and challenges taking their turns, one after another. The loss of her mother at a young age and her father’s marriage to a foreigner sends her to an abyss of mental pain. She feels alone and isolated when she loses her favourite friend and confidante, Manal, who used to be a source of relief for her. She begins to enjoy her life only after she meets and marries Khalid. Embedded in this story is a homage to the martyrs and their sacrifices for the sake of their homeland.  Would Amal’s newfound happiness last long? What is Khalid’s promise to Amal—and would he keep it? You can tell. Get your copy of this riveting book at 30% off.




Book: Dot
Author: Lubna Mohammad Altamimi

Life isn’t always one smooth ride. Most of the time, one’s life is characterised by the highs and lows, failures and success, accomplishments and setbacks and love and abandonment.

If you are someone whose life features the latter elements in abundance…if you are grappling with your own set of challenges…if you are disturbed by the modern fast-paced life…if you feel isolated in a bustling city of millions…if you dream of achieving lasting happiness and peace of mind…Dot is for you. Give yourself a break, read this resourceful book, lighten up your path and live your life with a reinvigorated passion. To facilitate you, we are offering 30% off on this best-selling book. Buy your copy now!



Hiam Is the Life

Book: Hiam Is the Life
Author: Yasir Alnasir

This book of contemporary fiction is based on the life of a young man. He prefers to live in solitude, detached from the outside world, inside his own state of mind. But his solitary habits are interrupted by a girl, with whom he dearly falls in love. Her arrival in his life dramatically alters the trajectory of his life. Whether this ‘change’ is for better or worse, the reader will tell. How did the girl meet this reserved boy? And more importantly, how did he fell in love with her? To find out, purchase your copy at 30% off.




For the Bound Hearts

Book: For the Bound Hearts
Author: Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish

For the Bound Hearts is a book of romance. But what if we told you that this book contains ingredients of a recipe that will heal your wounds? That’s true! Written with ink mixed with tears, this book will cheer you up, show you the path to a fulfilling life and enable you to stand up to your demons. The plot is interesting and the characters striking, many readers will find it relatable to the milieu they find themselves in—whether being simply sad, feeling dejected or not being able to chase their dreams—and take the corrective measures as the story moves forward. Buy a copy of this enchanting romance novel at 30% off and give yourself a treat you needed since long.



Love Pirate

Book: Love Pirate
Author: Rania Nimr Eitah

Love Pirate is a collection of heart-warming poetry. Written by a literature enthusiast, who closely observes the day-to-day life, this collection presents a realistic worldview of our existence to you—the reader. The words are woven together delicately, but given the power to make their way to your heart and arouse those emotions that lay dormant until now. Get your copy of this soul-stirring book at 30% off and be able to look at the world differently.




We hope these best-selling titles will add to your intellectual horizon. If you want to explore more, we have much more in store for you. Click here and pick your favourite titles, whether fiction or non-fiction, all at 30% off.

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