Fabrice Jaumont

Fabrice Jaumont, nicknamed “Godfather of Language Immersion Programs" by The New York Times in 2014, has more than 25 years of experience in international education and multilingual programs development. He has applied his experience and knowledge by serving the French, Italian, Japanese, German and Russian, and other communities in the United States by helping them develop high-quality bilingual education programs in local public schools. Fabrice Jaumont is also the author of the book “Unequal Partners: American Foundations and Higher Education Development in Africa.” This book sheds the light on the role of charity work in education, especially the effect of American organizations on universities in the developing world. He received his Ph.D. in International Education from New York University. His research focuses on the intersection of comparative and international education, charity work, cultural diplomacy, and international development. Fabrice works as a program administrator at an institution and as an educational attaché for the French Embassy in the United States.