Friendships are Forever – World Friendship Day 2023

There isn’t a better time than July 30 to cherish and remember your friends. International Friendship Day falls on July 30, as designated by the UN. The day has a deeper meaning than remembering friends from school or colleagues from work.

International Friendship Day is a chance to remember and acknowledge individuals from different cultures and ethnicities. The day was initiated in 2011 when the UN wanted to designate a day that would help people from around the world to take a step to remove barriers and prejudices that sometimes form between people from different cultures and backgrounds.

The bond of human solidarity is an essential part of celebrating this day and acknowledging that no matter where we live around the world, we are all humans and have the right to peace, safety, security and mutual harmony.

The Importance of Friendship in Our Lives

Friends are not only an integral part of our lives, they are essential for our mental well-being and social structures. Having companionship can actually prevent loneliness and isolation. This Mayo Clinic article goes as far as to say that friendships can play an essential role in your overall health.

Having friends from different backgrounds and cultures is a great way to learn more about different religions and ethnicities. Friends from different countries can be an essential gateway to learning about a completely different culture, language and religion. Strong bonds of friendship between people from different countries are a great way to enrich our lives and learn about people from around the world.

Why not take the time to treat your friends this International Friendship Day? Here are five ways to do it:

7 Ways to Treat Your Friends this International Friendship Day!

If you have friends from a different culture or background, you can make them feel special this World Friendship Day. Small tokens of appreciation can go a long way to make people from a different country feel welcome and special:

1.     Make Something from their Culture to Gift

Why not make something at home that reflects their culture or religion? This is a great way to break the ice and form a close bond with something you value. It will also show them how much you appreciate their friendship because they will realise you went out of your way to make something for them that reflects their heritage.

2.     Learn a New Phrase in Their Language

Learn a new phrase in their local language and say it to them on World Friendship Day. Being a good friend means making people feel welcome and accepted, which is a great way to acknowledge their diversity. It is easy to learn new phrases from different languages by searching a few on the internet. Write them on a card and when you meet your friend greet them in their own language!

3.     Cook a Dish from Their Country

Why not explore what foods are eaten in your friend’s ‘home’ country and make something for them? They will love the effort and time you spent researching and cooking something special for them. It will also allow you to learn a new dish and polish your cooking skills.

4.     Gift a Book

Why not purchase a book you can gift to your friend this World Friendship Day? This will encourage them to read more and give you an opportunity to learn what their reading tastes are like. You could start a book together, which will make it even more interesting because you can share your impressions of the novel as you read it.

5.     Appreciate their Diversity with a Note

A simple note can make people feel accepted and special. Why not write a special note highlighting the great qualities of your friend and your appreciation of the diversity they bring to your life?

6.     Create a Memory Book Celebrating your Friendship

Create a scrapbook of memories of your special friendship that you can share with your friend. This will show them that you value their strong bond of friendship and appreciate everything they have done for you.

7.     Write a Poem for your Friend

Why not write a poem for your friends that you can dedicate to them via social media or read aloud at a gathering? This will make them realise how much you appreciate their presence and companionship in your life.


Mark International Friendship Day by Acknowledging Diversity

We have given you some great ways to appreciate your friends this year on World Friendship Day. Now go out there and mark the day by appreciating all the diverse individuals in your life that add colour and meaning to your life.

Spreading more tolerance and understanding between individuals can promote love between each other.

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