Meet Local Author Laila Abdelbary at Uptown International School for a Book Signing Event

Laila Abdelbary will be attending her book signing event on 6th January 2023 for her new educational book, Stay Alert: Children’s Guide to Basic First Aid. The event will be held at Uptown International School, Corner of Tripoli Street and Algeria Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 8:00 AM to 8:45 AM. Readers are encouraged to stop by and get their copies signed.

Stay Alert: Children’s Guide to Basic First Aid serves as a practical handbook for children to identify and handle accidents and emergencies. The book teaches skills like treating burns, applying pressure to a wound to stop bleeding, and hands-only CPR, along with other first-aid principles and practices. The content specifically targeted to children ensures that the book is simple enough to convey the concepts clearly to a young reader. You can order your copy of the book here.

Laila Abdelbary is a school student dedicated to promoting the importance of first aid regardless of age. She pursued first aid and safety to better assess her surroundings and react to potential emergencies. To share her knowledge with others and create awareness about this topic, she wrote the first aid guide.