Stay Alert: Children’s Guide to Basic First Aid

Laila Abdelbary

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Stay Alert! It is inevitable to encounter such situations and first aid is an extremely important life skill. In my opinion everyone should be aware of how to act in specific life-threatening situations. Having some sort of first aid knowledge promotes the sense of safety, assurance, and well-being. It teaches individuals to be more alert and safer in the surrounding that they are in. This book simply goes through the importance of first aid awareness, as well as specific first aid manoeuvres and the situations in which situations these techniques should be applied.

Laila is a school student who is passionate about all things sports and health related. And so, she started pursuing first aid and safety in order to expand her knowledge and be a more active member in her community. She is very family and community oriented and therefore, has a passion for sharing her knowledge with others. She hopes that this book will be of help for people to grasp the basics of first aid.

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