Our author of Stillness of the Soul will visit Uptown International School

Zainab Alrustamani, the author of the life-learning book, Stillness of the Soul, will visit Uptown International School at the Corner of Tripoli Street and Algeria Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 18th Jan 2023. She will visit the school for her book promotion and have a healthy interaction with the students.

Stillness of the Soul is an exquisitely written book in which the author aims to give some crucial life lessons about self, body, and relationships. The book conveys a powerful message that each individual should take responsibility for their actions in life instead of blaming others. Order your copy here.

Zainab Alrustamani holds a master’s degree in the field of architectural engineering. Her domain of research is climate change’s impact on the development of the environment. Moreover, she has an immense interest in self-development and life experiences.