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This book seems interesting!

Man! I wanted to try this genre.

Maybe I should buy this book; the visuals seem stunning.

Now you probably are thinking to yourself these thoughts seem familiar. Well, that means you are one of the very large group of people who cannot seem to take their hands and money off that one corner of a stationery shop. There is something so captivating about that corner that lures a bookaholic into the designated buying trap. Once you find yourself there, the urge of buying everything will not wear off until you get your hands on them. As a person who loves books, the temptation of buying and adding a new book in that TBR pile is a temptation we cannot resist, do not worry we understand, there is just nothing better than diving into the pages of a great book. We all have been in that very similar situation time and time again. Passing by that book store or that magical book-corner without giving it a visit seems impossible..

Read onto the blog to find out ways of conquering your TBR Pile. Let’s go together!


  • Make it necessary to read

“Life is short and TBR lists are long.”

 Katja Millay

Chances are that you were all riffled up to start reading that book, but to be honest, you just could not find the time. You’ve scheduled a relaxing day reading the book top of your TBR pile but, ding dong, the doorbell goes, you see a pile of clothes just as big as your TBR pile that needs washing, suddenly it’s the end of the day and you have not been able to sit down with your book. Luckily, it’s not that big of a deal and you can still finish the quest of tackling that stake of books, reading should be enjoyable and not a chore so do not force yourself to.


  • Prioritize and set the daily/weekly/monthly goal challenges

Whenever we start to embark on a journey, what is the first thing we do? Yes, you probably thought of planning it out. Plan your journey of tackling off the respective pile of yours by initiating mini-goal challenges for daily/weekly/monthly TBR book reading. Select the books you want to finish off in that specific period and decide on which among the selected ones you would like to read first. Considering the books you select, you can set goals on how you are going to do it. Set challenges for completion of goals and don’t feel defeated up if you could not complete them every time…Success is usually built on many small victories.


  • Associate a positive reinforcement with reading

What is reinforcement? It is something that mitigates encouragement in you and pushes you onward with motivational cues to keep on repeating the same behaviour that resulted in that specific outcome. So? How to read faster? Try aligning positive reinforcement with reading. How can one do that? You can reward yourself with something that will ensure the possibility of a similar pattern of behaviour in future. Pat yourself on the back every time you receive that positive outcome after reading a little bit more of that book.


  • Stop stacking up the shelf

Though there may seem a lot of interesting books to read and buying it will satisfy your thirst but, sometimes the problem lies in ‘our buying behaviour’ pattern. Sometimes it’s not the interest for book reading that makes us make that buying decision but rather it’s our underlying impulsive reaction. Take it as a stimulus for initiating action, good or bad. If that is the case, then it’s time to make it stop. Time to find the reason for this obstructive buying pattern. Try examining your environment for any underlying red flags that bring about that reaction from you. Set yourself boundaries to curb that thirst, for example only purchase a book when you have finished two existing books.


  • Don’t buy the book because it’s visually appealing

A good book is the one that captivates the reader through the essence of the story. However, chances are that the readers or non-readers might fall for appealing cover and not for the actual book. We’d suggest all the booklovers or non-readers out there to go for the comprehensive note at the end of the book or skim through the contents before making the buying decision.


  • Keep track

How about tracking the books you buy, read and even those which you have not touched in a while? How about tracking them in excel log or online tracking software or even a list in a notepad? You can keep a record of every book purchase and mark the ones you have finished and the ones that are still sitting in a dust-coated old shelf. This will surely keep you in check and even result in reducing unnecessary book purchases.


  • Buy books that interest your taste

I am addicted to reading, I will never reach the end of my TBR list because it multiplies all by itself. It is not my fault; I was born this way.

― Lani

There are chances of you buying a book just because someone recommended or gifted it to you. But it may not necessarily be of your interest. What are you supposed to do now? Firstly, give away that book because you are never going to read it. Gift or donate it. This way, the shame of stocking up the bookshelves will trim down a little. The second thing is to buy books that are of your taste. We got you covered on the latter. Check out our recommended books to read that might be useful to be added up to your “Active Read Shelf”.



100 X 100

Book: 100 X 100
Author: Seena Zarie

Happiness can be found within each of us. Get to know about the tools to unlock happiness in the workplace. Read through this book to manifest what real happiness is about. Who knows, maybe adding it in your active read might do some wonders for that pile.





A Mysterious Marking

Book: A Mysterious Marking
Author: Taiba Albahrani

A gripping and tantalizing tale of Amara’s journey full of mysteries, powers and discoveries. Readers will surely enjoy the story and would be able to finish off without adding further to their enormous to be read piles; because it is just that type of mesmerizingly thrilling story. You will have to read it to find out the greatest storylines to have existed.





Divine Decree

Book: Divine Decree
Author: Z.A Soliman

In her book, the author explains that each and everything is meant to happen. There is a high decree to everything that happens in our lives. Take this that you are reading this blog because it was bound to happen. It was through the law of nature to get you some help with your reading habits.




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