A Complete Guide to Writing a Book Review

Guide to Writing a Book Review

We all must have heard about the term ‘book review’ but do we know what it is? Let’s have a conversation about what a book review is, how it’s done and why is it needed. We shall not only answer the aforementioned questions but also help you become a pro book reviewer! Without further ado, let us begin.

What is a Book Review?

It is a systematic and critical analysis in which a book is evaluated based on the quality of content, the fashion of delivery, clarity and the authenticity of the content.

This piece of writing can be an opinion, a synopsis, or even an analysis of an expert. It is also known as book commentaries. The length of book commentaries is not restricted to a certain word limit or a paragraph or pages. Books are also reviewed by other authors.

Why is a Book Review Needed?

Books commentaries are analysed based on an individual’s taste. Book commentators might be reviewing the book to share their valuable insights on the subject matter or for educational purposes.

Books are also reviewed for printed publications. The publications can be academic journals, newsletters, a yearbook or any sort of journal. The book reviews can also be done for online marketing of the books.


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How to Write a Book Review?

Journals have a section exclusively dedicated to these book reviews under different names. The name of this section can be Book ReviewOpinion or Analysis or under a field-specific title. A book review is a detail, an assessment of the book from the standpoint of a critic-judged based on the quality of content and the importance of the book. So, a book review should always focus on the central idea and the content.

It is crucial to say here that a book commentary should not be mistaken for a synopsis or a report. It is solely an evaluation based on the forte and shortcomings of the content. It can be thought of as a SWOT analysis. A book review should not only portray the aim of the book but also discuss whether the writer has been able to accomplish it and substantiate it with proof.

Apart from the above rules, there is not a specific criterion or a format to follow for a book review.

They are very personal and an individual’s take on a book. They can be as short as 80-150 words or long up to 1200 words. It entirely depends on the reviewer. However, a few recommendations may help you while writing a review. You must mention the name of the book, the writer, the kind of book, the date of copyright, the worth of the book and ISBN. Since you must write the main idea of the subject matter, refer to the preface of the book. However, if you are unable to find one in the preface, these questions might help you conclude the central idea of the book.

  • From which standpoint the book has been written?
  • In which category does the book generally fall? Is it an educational read or a fiction-based story or something else?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What is the author’s narration tone? How correct is his choice of words? Does the content maintain consistency, individuality, fluency and a sense of development?
  • Is the tone of delivery appropriate for the target audience?
  • Have you been able to relate to the context on a personal level?
  • How has the book impacted you?
  • Based on the goal or the main purpose of the book concluded by you, how well did the book meet its purpose?
  • Would you suggest this book to anybody? If yes, then why?
  • Describe the sequence of development with reference.
  • Does the book stimulate all of your five senses or play with our visualization?
  • Is the content engaging and compelling?

Mention the general context or the general subject matter of the book. Skim through the table of contents as well. This gives you an idea of how the writer has sorted out the book as the chapters progress. The book should be analysed for how interesting it is, how useful it could be, whether the book is objective-oriented and if the subject matter is complete. Discuss the validity of the arguments presented by the writer to support the narrative. Comment on the arguments. State if you are in agreement or disagreement with the ideas and substantiate it with your reasons. Talk about the loopholes you might have come across while reading the book. Draw a comparison with other books belonging to the same category to arrive at a precise conclusion.

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