Worried William’s Hidden Words

Liam Kelly

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During the school day, I was never able to talk about how I felt because I didn’t have the words to express those feelings.

The words seemed to be hidden inside of me!

Worried William’s Hidden Words is a poetry book that allows you to see the words that I kept hidden for so long.

For me, poetry is a way to communicate how you feel without talking.

Let the words leave the page and talk to you in a new unique way.

The words had always been there, yet I felt speechless.

Throughout this poetry book, you will read the words that I had kept hidden from an early age until my late thirties.

I’m also honoured to share my words with other adults and children who kept their words hidden as well.

Liam Kelly is the creator behind “The Wonderful World of Worried William.”
He is a teacher, author, poet, comic book creator, and a Woodle Doodle artist. His books discuss his life growing up as a child and through his own personal experiences he wants to help others pen their own poems and stories.

Liam Kelly currently lives in Abu Dhabi, UAE. He is originally from Moneyglass, Northern Ireland.

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