Vortex of Memories

Sahar Saleh

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The events of this story revolve around a fifteen-year-old girl, Emily, who lost her memory at the age of five due to a tragic accident. She cannot remember anything, she was having nightmares and couldn’t understand the reason or find any explanation to it. Her father, Edward, did not tell her anything about what happened to her; he lied to her on this particular point but she didn’t know, and with time passing by and her entrance to the university, she begins to discover the truth of the matter little by little, and that is what causes her strong shocks.

Sahar Saleh is twenty-five years old, a graduate of the College of Art Education, Umm Al-Qura University in Makkah Al-Mukarramah. Among her hobbies are drawing and various types of arts and writing is one of her favorite hobbies after drawing, and she delved into it more after graduation, and finished writing her first novel months ago, and this is a great achievement for her despite the difficulties and challenges she faced in her life.

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