Nijolė Kavaliauskaite Hunter

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The keys on the keyboard go for a very long time without having names. They were so furious that they had gone unnoticed. They didn’t hold joy and happiness in the highest regard. Even Ms. Fork held some societal influence. Many strangers sought to fight off their melancholy. One day, a sick individual walked up to the keyboard and began to sneeze. The coldest month of the winter was when it happened. He has, of course, received vitamins to bolster his immune system. When piano keys discovered the recovery secret, they made the quick decision to start taking the same vitamins that were well-liked by the community of sincere medical specialists. Vitamins are appreciated by every person on this planet, therefore keys were certain to be cherished by all souls. Keys obtained the letters and evolved into distinctive individuals with a fresh way of thinking. You’ll have to read the story to learn how it was done.

The author is a Lithuanian-born former music educator, who enjoyed teaching music in creative ways and looking at the concept as fun. She is urged to share her passion for music and experience how to arouse beautiful sensations in learners, with an aesthetic object.

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