Values are priceless

Magdi Omar Alosta

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Discover the timeless tools for personal growth that may have always resonated with you but got sidelined in the hustle of daily life. This book serves as your guide to cultivating a life filled with happiness, meaningful relationships, and personal satisfaction. If you feel like you’re sitting in the backseat of your own life, it’s time to reclaim the driver’s seat – you deserve it, even if you don’t realize it yet

Values are Priceless not only aims to inspire, but also equips you with the practical know-how to plant seeds of long-lasting success and well-being. These are opportunities often right in front of you, yet go unnoticed. Through insights that enlighten the mind and invigorate the spirit, you will learn how to value what truly enriches your life and avoid the high cost of meaningless pursuits.

Begin your journey today. As you turn these pages, you’ll find the clarity to organize your thoughts, set your priorities straight, and embark on a path that fulfills both your heart and mind.

"Majdi Omar Al-Osta is a writer in the field of motivation and personal and professional self-development through inspiration. He also focuses on professional writings based on experience regarding management ideas, competitiveness, innovation development, and sustainability factors.

Through motivation and realism, the author presents literary texts in a simple style in his overall writings and publications. He addresses the reader's needs for knowledge and skill development to achieve what the reader aspires for in work and life. The author employs human wisdom and leadership ideas, utilizing them to serve the text and enhance understanding through simulation.

The author holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems Analysis and has obtained an Executive Certificate in Management, Leadership, and Change from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Additionally, he holds a Higher Diploma in Advanced Studies in Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability for Companies from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies at the University of Geneva.

The researcher is based in the United Kingdom and is currently completing postgraduate studies in Advanced Information Technology at the University of Derby as of the date of this book's publication."

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