The Untold Story of Um Ehmar

Eman Hassan Ali

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Once upon a time in an older Bahrain,

Before cars and internet, when life was more plain,

Lived a little girl in a little house in a little village on the lane.

This is the story of little Hamra, before all the fame.

I’m sure you’ve heard of her, ask your mom and dad

(under a different name)

Back then she was Hamra, but unfortunately enough,

She is famous as “Um Ehmar” (what a shame!)

Uncover the true story of Um Ehmar and her unfortunate rise to fame…

Eman was born and raised in Bahrain, except for a few years of schooling
in London, England. She took the road most travelled and studied business
in university, and works by day in the financial Sector.
By night, she writes short stories that she keeps hidden for several years
before publishing. She began writing short stories in primary school,
including several “plays” that she and her friends acted in. She has wild
imagination and was almost suspended once in school thanks to one of
her stories.
When she is not doing serious work, she can be found running after/
from her three kids, supporting her famous music producer husband, or
drinking far too much coffee. She also enjoys laughing with/at her friends.

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