The Travels Of The Tree Brothers

Bougarouche Fatima

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The story of the Three Brothers' Travels is about three brothers who lived with their parents. They were poor but did not take charity from others, but rather relied on God and themselves to seek lawful sustenance. 
In order to improve their standard of living, their mother advised them to travel to distant countries, and she had what she wanted. Where each one of them went to an Arab country and learned crafts. 
After a long period of time, they accumulated enormous wealth, returned to their country, and built a big house with the sweat of their own brow.

Ms. Bouqroush Fatima is a translator and official translator at the Skikda District Council, Algeria.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in translation in the three languages: Arabic, French, and English, and is preparing for a master’s degree in translation, specializing in (French-English) in the third year at Bircham International University in Spain.

She published poetic poems in Algerian newspapers, articles and realistic stories in newspapers, and translated the films (The Hunter) and (The Heroes) produced by the Al-Basair Audio-Visual Association of Skikda, Algeria.

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