Dr. Ibtisam Hashem Farran

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The writer describes in a poetic style the spiritual experiences lived by the central characters of the stories, who are primarily poetic and sensitive characters.

She speaks in her own words as she looks at life from the standpoint of the still voice of the soul.

These verses depict her spiritual journey, moving through philosophical and existential experiences which inculcate profound transformations in the characters’ outlook on the world and life.

Dr. Ibtisam Hashem Farran is a writer and novelist from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. She is interested in literature, poetry and creative writing, and a researcher in philosophy, cultures, and comparative religions. Although her primary field of work is as a consultant physician specializing in obstetrics and gynaecology, she has worked in the field of medical training and academic advising. However, she finds that all sciences are primarily humanistic, and they all attempt to explain the earthly, spiritual, and psychological experiences that a person goes through in his life.

Her second book, Transformations the Size of the Universe and Larger, is an extension of the existential research journey that she began in her first novel, Secret Anxiety.

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