The White Jamalon

Linda Abu Tarboush

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This book (The White Jamalon) is a story about a small white camel who stammers, and he has a lack of confidence in many things, including his special skill in football game. His friends help him by encouraging him in showing his talent in the game and trainings, and his mother support him in achieving his goals. Jamalon aims to take back his homeland, which he left with his mother when he was a child, and he lost his father while he was defending their land. With the help of his companions, Jamalon is on the way to achieve his goal on which he grew up. The hero of the story is a camel, which is an Arabic symbol, and it is white, the symbol of the right, he is an Arab who has the right, and he regains his right with the company of his friends.

The author, Linda Abu Tarboush is a lawyer, family counselor, and human development trainer for women in Amman - Jordan. Born in 1973, she is interested in family reform and restoring social relations in general and family in particular by giving direct consultations, and holding many courses and lectures. The professor intends to collect them in booklets and prepare them for publication, God willing.

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