The Village of Hope

Shaimaa Ameer

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Birds are the freest creatures on earth, and they are the basis of freedom. They teach us how to fly with our souls and fly with our thoughts as far as our minds can imagine.

The bird is the most intelligent of creatures with freedom. It can soar to the top of the sky to kiss the morning clouds, and with its wings salute the sun, and land on the ground of life with its feet to perch on walnut and almond trees, and sing a magical song, and stand with blind confidence on electric wires to talk with fellow companions without any hypocrisy, gossip, and secret interests.

He lands here and there without restrictions or tyrannical authority to condemn him to slavery, and he rests after having fun and playing on the balconies of the houses to investigate the news of the parish.

How beautiful is this freedom?

Shaimaa Ameer is a writer of Palestinian origin, born in 1976. She worked in journalism for several years, and published many press articles and social issues.

She wrote some short stories in children's literature that have not yet been published, but will soon see the light.

One of the reasons for her decision to write short stories was to plant the seeds of values and success and instill them in a smooth and flexible manner for the child to grow up with and to become aware awareness as he grows up. She wants her short stories to carry within them strong goals and deep thoughts that benefit the reader and future generations.

She also loved making children fall in love with the Arabic language and delve deeper into the meanings of its enchanting words, which are unmatched by any magic and beauty, after noticing that most of the children's Arabic began to decline, and it feels as if you are speaking to them about a language from another planet.

She works on her hobby in writing stories related to the human side, life, and the love and preservation of nature.

She discovered her passion for writing stories when she had a beautiful dream while she was sleeping one night, in which she was improvising writing stories with pleasure and insatiability, so she arose from this inspiring vision permeated with a sense of harmony, and felt writing close to her heart and soul, and that it was a heavenly sign for her to become a professional in writing stories.

She immediately told her dear daughter the events of this dream, and she said to her spontaneously: "Mom, try writing stories, you will not lose anything."

So she took the advice of her dear daughter, and decided to try writing stories with her encouragement, and from here she discovered her talent for writing and imagination.

The Village of Hope is her first literary product, and her beloved daughter was her inspiration and supporter in accomplishing this literary work.

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