The Soldier X0001

Mhbobah Alzahrani

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Her story began when she started following in her father’s footsteps, and joined the army because of her attachment to him. After her parents died, she started her career alone, but in an imaginary way. As the days went by, her life changed in college, she started looking for a friend who was different from others, and she did find him, but what happened with this friend? Time stopped for soldier Julian and started again, the world around her seemed strange, the Soldier X0001 sees everything as if she was seeing it for the first time in ten years! Yes, it is a loss of memory, but she returned with a different life and a different strange power, and she realized that the existence of this power that she possesses is not a coincidence, but rather a divine wisdom.

I am a world of imagination, this world I live in, I do not adapt to reality much, so you find that the content of my novel is a fictional reality.

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