The Repertoire of Being

Maryam A. Wajdi

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The Repertoire of Being is Maryam A. Wajdi’s debut poetry anthology, depicting her perspective on life and her encounters with others through an everchanging lens from the eyes of a child to a young woman. The poems are divided into sections, Kin and Childhood MemoriesLove and Its Many Forms and Stories Stemmed from Other Stories, where themes of love, nostalgia, mysticism and aesthetics are recurrent throughout. Wajdi’s use of colors, imagery, and fictional personas create an imaginary dimension, delivering readers into the depth of her thoughts and darkest emotions. This collection paints visually and auditorily stimulating pieces of Wajdi’s innermost vulnerabilities and experiences with love, life and loss.

Maryam A. Wajdi is a young Emirati poet and writer, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and a minor in English Literature from the American University in Dubai. She specializes in poetry; her work My Dear and Kiss were previously published in Cinnamon Press’ poetry magazine, Envoi. In 2021, 5 of her poems were published in Sail Publishing’s collective poetry book, Fields of Poetry. Her poems are scattered pieces of herself; stories stemmed from other stories. Having played the violin from the age of 7, Wajdi is an admirer of all forms of art. She aspires to create imaginary realms that touch readers and inspire them to connect with their own deeply rooted, complex emotions.

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