The Pen Says

Mays Almaymany

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These letters of mine are nothing but a few lines of stories that circulate and move in the eyes of people whose suffering has appeared. As I write and line what I read, and I see in the depths of their expressive looks, in every story I write, I feel what its character could have been felt, and I line it up, perhaps there is someone who can see himself in these lines and discover that there is a description to his feelings. I do not write about myself; I do not have the right to do so, but I write about stories that aroused my curiosity and admiration. My words are nothing but feelings and sensations, if you want to understand hearts through the pens, then welcome to my letters.

Mays Almaymany, 14 years old, is studying in Makkah Al-Mukarramah in the first grade of secondary school. During her educational career, Mais received five certificates of appreciation for her activity and effort in extracurricular activities, and inventing initiatives such as the Hijab initiative and the initiative to introduce specializations.

Mays has read more than seventy books in several fields, including cultural, self-development, novels and stories.

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