The Mediterranean Grave

Kareem Subeh

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A novel whose events are difficult to believe, but it happened anyway and was told as it is: its hero is the university professor Dr. Wajdi, who specializes in history, has a change in his view of history and he hates it and abandons it for literature in an attempt to write his first novel, but the idea eludes him. He knows – somehow – that Dostoyevsky died and was unable to write the second part of The Brothers Karamazov, which he planned to come twenty years after the lives of the heroes of the first part, while there is a hidden, unseen party that has a direct interest in Dr. Wajdi’s travel to the Russian city of Saint Petersburg, where Dostoyevsky lived, wrote, and died.

He actually travels there with the intention of finding someone who will conjure the spirit of Dostoevsky to dictate to him the text of the second part, which was not written. The process of evocation failed, and the only way for the hero to get the idea for his novel is to return, in his soul and in the body of another being, to the days of Dostoevsky and live with him closely. The old shaman whom he meets by chance and who convinces him to travel to her homeland of Siberia, turns out to have special abilities and performs a ritual for him to return him to the era of Dostoevsky in the form of a soul that resides in another being. How will events develop after that? What is the fate of our hero as he pursues an idea and nothing more?

Karim Subh Atiya Al-Obaidi was born in Kirkuk Governorate - Iraq in 1969 AD.

He holds a doctorate in contemporary history from the Department of History - College of Education, Ibn Rushd - University of Baghdad.

Professor of American History at the University of Baghdad. He has written five books on the history of the United States and is a member of the General Union of Writers in Iraq.

He has three published collections of short stories: The Seller of Pain, A Head for Rent, and The Cemetery Owner...and he has one published novel, entitled: “The Other Side of the Mist.”

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