The Lying Seasons

Ndeem Alwejd

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Yousef is a young man trying to live many experiences in his life, and among them the most difficult and poetic experience, which is love.

Although his society is primarily a society of traditions, he finds that everyone takes the usual path and gets married traditionally. However, he tries to get out of these constraints to find a girl that he will fall in love with first, the girl of his dreams, and only then will he get married.

But when that girl appears, all feelings of confusion, fear, shyness, and love emerge, and Yousef understands that he has fallen in love at first sight. But all these feelings unfortunately open the door to seasons of lies, and the facts begin to become apparent. How will Yousef solve this dilemma?

Mutib Azib Al Adwani (Ndeem Alwejd)

He is Mutib for those who love to exhaust themselves, and Ndeem for every lover!

He was born in the late fourteenth century Hijri, at the beginning of the last quarter of the twentieth century AD.

He loves the language of the Quran and is infatuated with it.

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