The Dancer and the Stranger

Ahed Enani

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We were young and we grew old, we grew feeble and gray. The age limit is the ambitions of some of us…or embarrassment…or fear of taking risks, or perhaps fear of the reaction of those around us.

We placed age as an obstacle to our progress, and we were not aware that inside each one of us is the heart of a child, the ambition of a young man, the generosity of an elder, and the maturity of an age about which some desperate people said: Time is up…We are old!

Honesty and loyalty, love and generosity, remain as long as we are alive on earth. We may be late in reaching our ambitions, our goals, or even our emotional relationships, but each of us still has a longing to reach goals and dreams that live inside us.

They tell me and include themselves in two words: “Our time is up.” And I say: I am still able to give…Age is a number that scares us, and we don’t know the reasons. How many helpless young men, and how many young old men…The power is within us, so let us open the doors for it.


Ahed Enani studied at the University of California, Berkeley in 1984 and at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah in 1997.

She is a novelist and has short story publications. She worked as a teacher and in the field of journalism in the 1980s.

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