The Coaching Skills

Hassan Hadi Al Hasani & Aqil Bin Ali Al Ajmi

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What if what separates us from what we aim to achieve is a question or a successful conversation? What would our social and professional life look like if it was characterized not by judging others, but rather trusting them? This book is your key to a new world of communication and to empowering others for continuous creativity and development, we will sail together to explore new shores in the world of coaching, and how to master and practice this art.

The book explains the concept of coaching and its competencies in a simple way with real examples using the concepts and competencies of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the leading professional body around the world in the field of coaching. This book was reviewed by the Master Coach, in addition to the supervision of the Regional Director of Development in the International Coaching Federation In the Middle East, Europe and Africa. The content is appropriate to what the professional community needs in this aspect.

This book is a major reading resource for beginners in coaching, and will certainly add value to those who have made their way to this profession. It will be supportive for anyone who wants to develop communication skills with others to be more effective and able to support themselves and others in self-development.

Hassan Hadi Al Hasani is the founder of “Kalemat” in coaching, and the head of the training body at Leadership Works. He specializes in developing coaching competencies for leaders and coaching practitioners.

Hassan started his career in finance. His passion for leadership, education and development topics led him to complete a Diploma in Education and Development and obtain accreditation from the International Coaching Federation. After years of coaching, Hassan decided to dedicate his life to supporting individuals to be more successful, influential and happy. Its clients experience high improvement in their productivity, motivation, leadership skills, flexibility, goal achievement, creativity, stress reduction, and work-life balance.

Aqil Bin Ali Al Ajmi holds a Professional Coach Certificate (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation, and is the founder of Turning Point, where he works as a life strategist, empowering individuals and organizations to rewrite their stories and create turning points in their lives. His coaching journey is the culmination of years of experience in dealing with personality analysis using various international tools, where he previously worked as a director of the Assessment Center at Takatuf (Oman), and before that he was a manager in the Assessment Unit of the Language Center at Sultan Qaboos University, in addition to his role as a lecturer at the center.

He is an active member of the local branch of the International Coaching Federation in the Sultanate of Oman. He held the position of responsible for educational programs (2017-2018), vice president (2021) and branch president (2021- 2022).

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