The Octopus Director

Eng. Aisha Al-Ali

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Every workplace, no matter how big or small a business is, is never free of technologies that are used to conduct and organize operations and to provide services to the public. This book is based on author’s experiences in administrative and technical business in different governmental agencies. It is also a guide for the reader to monitor, track, manage and to develop the resources available in a workplace, whether they are human resources or financial resources, or even for those who wish to start a new business. Mentioned in this book are the important keys to manage technologies in a non-technical way just to make it easier for amateurs/non-professionals to understand the basic matter for business continuity. It can also be used by any leader assigned to take over the tasks of IT(Information Technology) management temporarily even if they are not experienced or specialized in the technical field, as the administration of information technology is like any other administrations that needs a leader who can plan, organize and direct, but for specialized technical matter it needs professionals technical employees in their field. This book will be their guide if they wish to develop their careers and to be promoted to higher administrative positions.

The author was born in 1979, she was a straight A student and had the honor to study at Sharjah University in 1997, she was amongst one of the first batches to graduate from the university, with a scholarship that was only given to the high achievers at that time. She took her bachelor’s degree in engineering, IT major, and worked as a laboratory engineer at the university for nearly three years, which helped her to improve her skills in training, and to deliver her knowledge to engineering students. During this time, she developed her skills and abilities by diligence, persistence and self-learning; which led to her achieving the Distinguished Employee award from Sharjah Government in 2009.

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