TAM’s Thrilling Tales

Mustafa Lodhi

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TAM’s Thrilling Tales are fun and amazing with its different varied plots and characters. The humor aspect is clearly portrayed in these stories which makes it a pure joy to read for children and young adults. Mixing and balancing between adventure and comedy is not something that can easily be done, and this collection of short stories has managed to do so. All these stories are in the third person with no perspectives from the character so the reader can have an overview while still maintaining the spotlight on the main character or ‘heroes’ that are undergoing a serious or hysterical adventure. These stories are solely aimed at entertaining the reader and leading to a joyful experience! From greedy boys with radioactive donuts, to crazed mutated gorillas, to devilish story books and exploding extra-terrestrial turkeys, you’re sure to have a lovely time reading TAM’s Thrilling Tales!

TAM: The Amazing Mustafa is a 12-year-old aspiring author, creator and thinker who enjoys reading fiction. From his early years, he has been mesmerized with the vast universe of fantasy and adventure. This has led him to gain a creative and descriptive style of delivery, which is both engaging and immersive for readers of all ages. He plans to make this the first of many works to follow. He hopes that you have an amazing time exploring TAM’s Thrilling Tales!

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