Tales of the Twins

Twin Jewels

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Life is more than the physical objects around us. Life is full of magic. If you believe in magic, you will create it. If you believe in miracles, you will have one. Imagination is one of the blessings that God gave us. Using this blessing or not is your choice. With imagination people created what others thought impossible. 200 years ago, life was different. They had nothing of what we have here nowadays. But with imagination, world development became faster than ever.

The twins who wrote this book lived their lives with the goal of finding happiness every day. They cherished their vacations and enjoyed spending time together under the palm tree in the morning breeze. They had a passion for summer nights, sitting under the moon, watching the stars, and savouring the moment. Above all, they shared a deep love for cats.

Both of them prayed to God for all people to live their best lives.

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