Tale And Legends

Adil Abdulkarim Omar Barri

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When a bottle got stuck in a young fisherman’s net, he never thought that it would be the beginning of a series of events and adventures that would lead him to a world of legends and dreams. Where he meets his companions on the path of his adventure, each of them has a story, and each story is more surprising than the previous one. Green crescent-shaped islands in an unknown sea.

Who is (Tayfour?)

Was (Nimrod) evil?

A story full of exciting events. These events were not a coincidence, but rather destinies that created a “Tale and Legends.”

Adil Abdul Karim Omar Berri; He was born in 1965 in Medina. He obtained a university degree in Literature, specializing in the English language in 1988. He worked in the Ministry of Health, then the Saudi Telecommunications Company, and retired early in 2020.

He has contributed to many literary activities. Poetry, essays, and of course stories occupy most of his interests.

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