Suite 55

Ranya O. Khalifa

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A female investigative journalist is murdered in a posh hotel overlooking the Nile, in upscale Zamalek, Cairo. Two seasoned investigators, Maged and Assem, lock horns but must race against the clock to find her killer before New Year’s Eve. Camillia, the main witness, is hiding a crucial piece of evidence. A nefarious international drug cartel, led by a psychotic Albanian drug-lord, is wreaking havoc in the city with a new lethal hallucinogen. This cartel will stop at nothing to succeed… even murdering some of their own members.

Several characters are playing both sides.

It is a deadly battleground of covert intelligence.

Who will ultimately perish and who will survive?

Maged was taken aback by what he saw in the huge basement and realized why they referred to this location as ‘The Bunker’. In contrast to the old historic façade of the downtown Cairo mansion, he was now looking at the most advanced wall-to-wall, state-of-the-art, satellite and surveillance equipment. He looked at agent Rawan in amazement as she walked towards the satellite screens, which were beaming footage from across the world, in real time.

Ranya O. Khalifa has had a lifelong passion for writing and story-telling since the age of eight, holding a strong unshakeable belief that the written word is a majestic tool whereby an author imprints images in every reader’s mind. Her poetry collection, entitled, ‘To the Majesty of the Word’, attests to her fundamental conviction that words are extremely powerful and potent means of human story-telling and emotional connectivity.

This is her second thriller novel, yet the first in the murder-crime sub-genre, where she takes the reader on a no holds barred ‘who-dun-it’ high speed-chase. Full of explosive twists and turns, multiple villains, and a slew of con artists, readers should expect nothing less than a breathless, unstoppable rollercoaster ride.

Ranya holds a B.A in mass communication and an M.A in middle eastern studies from The American University in Cairo, Egypt. She has worked in several fields such as journalism, advertising, research, and has had a lifelong passion for traveling, poetry writing, as well as performing and visual arts.

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