A Student Challenges Difficulties

Karim Fadi Iraqi

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During a severe crisis that afflicted the family of the story’s hero, Rami, which ends with the family’s migration from their country to the United Kingdom, Rami faces many challenges, including big, small, and great ones, always standing in his way, and preventing him from achieving what he wants.

Throughout the story, these challenges are narrated, and the big question is also answered: Was he able to overcome them and achieve what he wants?

You will discover all these exciting things when you open the story and enter its world!

Kareem Fadi is a 15-year-old Iraqi student studying at a high school in the city of Al-Tira Triangle.

He has a passion and hobby for reading stories, and this time he loved to write an influential story with realistic events, meaning that it can happen in real life.

The story talks about the accumulated difficulties that may happen to students, and how Rami – the hero of the story – was able to solve one difficulty after another in interesting, fun, and influential ways.

Kareem wishes for this story to spread and become famous because he aspires to do so out of love for this story.

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