Really Raw

Fajer Alawadhi

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We are constantly changing in an ever-evolving world.

Accepting these shifts while surrendering to the flow may seem difficult, yet with the right mindset and tools, thoughts can be readjusted accordingly.

Constant change impacts our daily lives without us even realising that it has. It is human nature to adapt, yet at times we fail to notice how much of an impact the smallest of actions have on our daily lives. We are a reflection of these actions.

Really Raw is your gentle reminder to be kind to yourself, have a goal and break it down in order to ignite your momentum.

This simple read will get you on the track you find fit for ‘you’.

Rewire your trail of thoughts to become really raw, with yourself and others.

Fajer Alawadhi is an author who strongly believes in spiritual and mental well-being.

Really Raw is her first published book centering around different ways to better understand one’s self in order to reach a higher level of self-love all through the eyes of a stay-at-home mother.

Fajer believes in the power of energy starting from within and from there radiating to inspire, as well as motivating ourselves as women.

Also a certified life coach, florist, baker and make-up artist, Fajer believes in understanding oneself to better set and achieve one’s goals starting with simple day-to-day techniques the way she has applied in her daily life, starting with herself, family and those around her.

Fajer resides in Kuwait with her family.

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