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Isa Alasfour

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Just as cars and planes falter and stop due to a lack of spare parts, companies also falter due to a lack of necessary information for the company, but the abundance of information today may cause distractions that lead to the inability to focus; Therefore, managers participate in courses to develop their abilities. But the work is bigger than anyone, as countries are unable to pay their debts, and companies declare bankruptcy. It is work, perhaps there is a shortage of spare parts.

If we feel our weakness and seek the help of our Creator, then we have found the causes and the journey of success has begun, God willing, for He is the one who drives water to the dead country, and facilitates the causes for which we run after every day.

Relying on God is strength, determination, and courage. You are one of the billions of beings who are given sustenance every day. If you are determined to succeed, look for what you lack.

Isa Alasfour was born in the State of Kuwait, holds a diploma from the Commercial Institute and worked in commerce since forty years ago. He holds a patent, is retired, and has another book called “The Difference Between a Stock and a Commodity.”

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