Shadeed and his iron fist

Sara Mostafawi

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When the school was the second home for children, a microcosm where numerous events unfolded, a mix of good and bad, right and wrong, correct and incorrect behaviors, it honed the children’s experience and prepared them for the outside world.

I wanted to shed light on a range of incorrect behaviors that occur in school and provide the correct behavior as an alternative. I wrote them in the form of thrilling stories for children.

The collection consists of four stories revolving around ethical issues faced by students in school. These problems include bullying through mocking others, verbal abuse, disrespect, having ill thoughts and hatred towards others, blind imitation, and suggesting alternative behavior for each of these issues through the story lines.”

Sara Mustafawi, Bachelor's degree in Interior Design from Virginia Commonwealth University, Qatar 2008.

Master's in Public Policy from Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar 2012.

Participating researcher in the International Annual Conference for the Arabic Language by the International Arabic Language Council, Beirut 2012.

Short Story Award, 5th edition,
Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Community Development, UAE 2015."

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