Khalid Almukhaini

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The rain became more and more abundant as if the sky had become a giant water bladder that was cut in length with a sharp dagger, the wind performing the dance of madness without stopping and its voices are the howling of old women after a great pandemic. Samha is on its way to its inevitable doom as the mountain seemed to me a giant death with its arms outstretched, preparing to embrace them.

A great ark flowing in greater waves, the first time I saw Samha sailing away while I was not on it, I saw her huge size, luxurious in construction, coherent in structure. As if I was watching her for the first time, sailing with determination to a written goal, penetrating waves and riding others, full of people and struggling for life in the midst of a dark sea.

Khalid bin Ali Al-Mukhaini was born in the city of Sur in the Sultanate of Oman in the year 1970. He graduated from Dartmouth Naval College in the United Kingdom in 1990. He is now a retired naval officer and is devoted to studying history in general and naval history in particular. He served as the head of Bahrona magazine, which specializes in various maritime affairs. He wrote a book entitled The Road to Sur in which he talks about the history of the Omani city of Sur, and he also wrote two novels entitled Samha in Arabic and The Rise of the Phoenix. Additionally, he has contributed to writing many different marine and historical articles.

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