Life in Letters

Amal Shanaah

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There is life in letters

A pulse in the hearts of the living, stillness in the dead hearts.

How many letters motivated a desperate soul, patted a grieving heart, made a sad heart happy, revived buried joys, or brought close loved ones who had been far from you in time and place.

How many poisoned letters have killed or destroyed a person, or took a relative miles away.

Letters are messages written by fingertips… a feather in the hand of an artist, or a destructive pick in the hand of haters.

So this book came and formulated thoughts from the depth of an experience or the inspiration of an idea; To revive the spirit in the word, and create with its bright letters the radiant souls in this life.

A Dr. pharmacist, with long experience in the pharmaceutical and training work for all scientific, life and administrative skills.

She holds a Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy from Jordan University of Science and Technology in 2006.

Certified trainer from the British International Academy for Development and Training.

She holds many courses in pharmaceutical scientific fields, management, leadership and planning.

Interested in the field of health and psychological counseling.

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