Reframing Education

Heba Chami

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Reframing Education provides teachers, school leaders, and parents with concise yet reliable ideas at the core of effective teaching. As time marches on, mindsets evolve, and education must keep pace. The students of today need fresh perspectives to navigate a world we cannot yet envision. We must push with them the wheel of progress – not to replicate the past, but to allow the next generation to chart their own course with grit, compassion, and an eye toward posterity.

This book will equip teachers to evaluate their skills and experiences in order to best prepare students for uncertain futures, prioritizing resilience over perfectionism. It speaks to the heart of transformative education, exploring new frameworks to empower students while enhancing their well-being – a vital prerequisite for achievement. The insights within will appeal to school leaders and teacher training providers seeking to align learning with the evolving needs of modern students.

By reframing education, we can equip young people to pilot humanity a few feet farther.

Heba Kamal Chami, a Lebanese author with different educational backgrounds, has worked in different regions of the world. She wrote this book as a refreshing departure from current preoccupations in education, and its main aim is to show educators new and profound ways to teach and lead schools.

It can be a resource for all those who are working in education, aiming to dip their toes into educational research and reflection. A teacher plays a crucial role in shaping the lives of young people. They inspire, motivate, and encourage a new generation of learners and guide them to make a positive impact in the world around them. The author thought of writing this book as a refreshing and inspiring way for them to rethink education.

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