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This book consists of poems of pure feelings. Some of them talk about the mindset we live in, and some of them talk about the struggles young adults face in our modernized world, whether it’s friendships, love, or even societal issues (fitting in). I question a variety of things including our surroundings, some certain views of other people, and some social norms in this book. Nothing personal here, it’s just how I view life. I hope it touches your heart!

Sara grew up not knowing how to talk about her feelings, so she started writing as a means of escape, or more specifically to say what she couldn’t say out loud. She started her writing journey writing paragraphs and later got into free-verse poetry, which she fell in love with. The poetry found in this book is her way of seeing the world. Some poems talk about her experiences as a young adult and others talk about her thoughts on certain areas of life. This book is her way of expressing herself in a way she never thought she could.

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