Pink Society – The Northport Case

Silvana Dionísio

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After the unforeseen disruption in his daily bread distribution, the Kildare Hall baker swiftly hopped into his van. While doing it, a nasty shiver went up his body as he spotted from the corner of his eye someone peering from the attic’s window. He rubbed his eyes and glanced at the window again, but the vision had disappeared.

When he left the Thirteen that morning, he could not have imagined what had happened the night before at the typically quiet house nor suspected that the society of young activists that had gathered there fled in an undesired hurry to the most daring adventure of their lives.

With a group of international criminals on their trail, will the group reach its final destination? Or is this trip destined for total failure?

Silvana Dionísio started writing the Pink Society, her debut novel, during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. While the possibility of exploring our unique world was taken away, she saw an opportunity to immerse herself in writing, unleashing her mind and building a story of adventure and discovery. She has a master’s in business management and currently works in the Events industry in Oman, a place she, her husband and son call home.

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